Public contract offer for training

Present the Individual entrepreneur Fomichev Artem Fedorovich, further the called — “Performer” expresses intention to sign the contract for rendering services in training (the list of types of training is specified on the corresponding page of a site of the Performer: with any natural person (further in the text – “User”), possessing full civil capacity, full age (18 years), wished to use services of the Performer on the conditions provided below:

General provisions
1.1. This contract is the public Contract offer (Art. 435 and ч.2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) and is published to the address:

1.2. Offer acceptance.

According to point 3 of article 438 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the appropriate acceptance of the present offer it is considered consecutive implementation by the User of the following actions:

— acquaintance with conditions of the present offer;

— introduction of registration data in the questionnaire of registration and confirmation of reliability of these data by button “Be Registered” or “Confirm the Order” pressing;

— payment by the User Uslug on the requisites of the Performer specified in the present Contract offer;

1.3. Carrying out the offer Acceptance, the User guarantees that is acquainted, agrees, completely and unconditionally accepts all conditions which are stated in the Contract text – offers.

1.4. The contract offer does not demand signing and fastenings the seals of the Performer and the User (further in the text — the Parties), keeping thus validity.

1.5. The relations in the field of protection of the rights of consumers are governed by the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the Law “About Protection of the Rights of Consumers” and other federal laws adopted according to it and legal acts of the Russian Federation.

1.6. The performer reserves the right to make changes to the present Contract offer in this connection, the User undertakes to trace regularly changes in the Contract offer published on the website of the Performer. New conditions of the contract offer come into force from the moment of the publication on a site of the Performer.

Subject of the contract
2.1. The performer undertakes to render services in the organization and carrying out training an offline or by means of online translation according to information (including the name, the description, date, time and a venue), specified on a site

2.2. Services appear the Performer on a paid basis by implementation of Electronic tickets by means of a site

The cost of training is specified on the corresponding page of a site

2.2.1 Rendering services in the present Contract offer is made by the Performer on the basis of preliminary registration of the User by means of e-mail and the subsequent advance payment of the chosen program of training or training.

2.2.2 According to conditions of the present contract offer User makes advance payment of services by payment transfer by means of payment system.

2.2.3 The cost of services of the Performer of the VAT is not assessed according to item 11 of Art. 346.43 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and is defined depending on the chosen type of training.

2.3. Services of the Performer are considered rendered in date of transmission of information on a way of access to training material – the electronic ticket, the reference.

2.4. All obligations for an occasion of carrying out training, acquisition and return of the Electronic ticket arise between the User and the Performer, except for the cases which have been directly provided by the present offer.

Personal information
3.1. The user gives the consent to processing of personal information, both without use of an automation equipment, and with their use.

3.2. The purposes of processing of personal information is execution by the Performer of conditions of the present contract, and also carrying out advertizing campaigns and market researches.

3.3. Transfer of personal information to the third parties is carried out according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and agreements between the Performer and the User.

3.4. The consent can be withdrawn by the User by the direction of the written statement to the Performer on the e-mail address specified on a site the termination of period of validity of the contract.

3.5. The order of processing of personal information of the Customer is defined by Policy

Yip Fomichevoy S. A. concerning processing of personal information which is available to the address of sites, and also internal documents of the Performer according to the legislation on personal information.

Return of the Electronic ticket
4.1. Return of the Electronic ticket is carried out by the Performer on condition of receiving from the User of the relevant requirement prior to training in the following order:

4.1.1. In case of cancellation and training transfer the Performer returns to the User an overall cost;

4.1.2. In case of refusal the User from participation in training on own initiative earlier, than in 30 days prior to training provided that training is not cancelled and it is not postponed, the Performer returns to the User training cost minus expenses of the Performer of 14% of the paid sum as the transfer commission from payment acquirings.

4.1.3. In case of refusal the User from participation in training on own initiative less, than in 30 days prior to training provided that it is not cancelled and it is not postponed, the Performer has the right not to carry out return;

4.2. In the cases stated above the requirement about return has to be directed by the User Ispolnitelyu to the e-mail address of the Performer:

4.3. At point 7.3 violation., if training is realized by means of online translation, the Performer has the right to block access irrevocably money. The entrance according to the unique reference more than with 2х devices and ip-addresses, and also other established facts of violation can be a limit of violation.

Rights and duties of the Performer
5.1. The performer has the right to block access to the Site for the User if he the actions or inaction violates conditions of the present Contract and/or other requirements of the Performer.

5.2. The performer has the right to refuse to the User Order registration without explanation.

5.3. The performer has the right to make verification of data of the User and other persons specified by the User, by the criteria and criteria of Performers. Besides, the Performer has the right to demand from the User of presentation of the documents proving his identity, and providing other data identifying the User, in cases of the relevant activities provided by conditions, or the legislation of the Russian Federation. In case of not providing documents, or discrepancies of data in them, the Performer has the right to refuse to the User service.

5.4. The performer informs the User on the status of the Order and the fact of receipt of payment for the Order. The fact of that the User is informed, the fact of sending the electronic letter on the e-mail address specified by the User at registration on the Site, containing confirming information is.

5.5. The performer does not bear responsibility for doubtfully or mistakenly entered data at registration, in a consequence of that the User can not receive the letter or a SMS message from the Performer or if these messages are not delivered because of blocking of provider, spam filters and other factors which are not depending on the Performer.

5.6. The performer has the right to collect by the Legislation of the Russian Federation for the brought damage or violation by the User of an exclusive right to online translation of training and conditions of this contract.

Rights and duties of the User
6.1. The user undertakes to get acquainted with the actual version of the present contract offer at each visit of the Site.

6.2. The user undertakes to provide reliable and necessarily full information when using Site.

6.3. The user undertakes to check independently Order data before its registration. The user bears full responsibility for reliability and legitimacy of the use of the data used by it at registration of the Order.

6.4. The user undertakes to study the contents, conditions of registration and order of carrying out training, and also the additional requirements imposed by the Performer before registration of the Order. In case any conditions of carrying out training are not completely clear to the User, including, a payment procedure, the User undertakes to specify these conditions, and at impossibility of specification to refuse registration of the Order and training visit.

6.5. The user has the right to refuse participation in training after registration and Order payment on the terms of the Performer. In this case the User has to direct by e-mail or the Performer request for return of the money paid by the User for acquired by it within one Order Electronic tickets, no later than 30 working days before training start date.

Responsibility of the parties
7.1. Any materials received with use of the Site, the User can use on own fear and risk, responsibility for any damage which can be put as a result of use of these materials is conferred on it. The company under no circumstances does not bear responsibility before the User or the third parties for any damage caused by use of the Site, contents of the Site or other materials to which access from the Site was got.

7.2. The user assumes full responsibility for receiving unique access to training by means of online translation. The user accepts conditions that its access to online translation of training is intended for its individual viewing, and that any partial or full copying and reproduction, transfer to the third parties, resale without the permission of the Performer are forbidden and are a violation of the law of the Russian Federation.


To extend, copy video of training by any of possible ways.
To transfer the login and the password from a private office on a site, personal references with access for video viewing to the third parties.
7.3. In copyright infringement and right to use cases, the Performer of article 1252 of the Code having the right according to point 3 to demand at the choice from the violator instead of indemnification of payment of compensation:

◦ at the rate from ten thousand rubles to five million rubles, determined by a court discretion;

◦ in a double size of cost of copies or in a double size of cost of the right of use of object of the adjacent rights, defined proceeding from the price which under comparable circumstances is usually raised for lawful use of such object.

The user is warned that criminal prosecution for violation is possible even in case the violator of copyright did not gain income from such violation and at all did not aim commercializations from violation, otherwise, even if extended protected objects of copyright which have cost, on a nonprofit basis.

The user is informed that the training action visited by it is protected by copyright.

7.4. The user assumes responsibility for planning of time of visit of training. The performer does not bear responsibility for not visit by the User of training at implementation of the obligations.

7.5. All materials published on the website property of the Individual Entrepreneur of Fomicheva Sofya Arturovna, any full or partial copying and reproduction are without the permission forbidden.

Settlement of disputes and applicable law
8.1. Agreements and all legal relationship arising from it are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. All arising disputes are resolved on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.2. All disputes, disagreements and claims which can arise in connection with execution, cancellation or recognition invalid Agreements, the Parties will seek to solve by negotiations. The party which had claims and/or disagreements, sends to other Party the message with the indication of the arisen claims and/or disagreements.

8.3. Specified in point 8.2 of the Agreement the message goes the User by e-mail to the address Message has to contain an essence of a qualifying standard, the proofs confirming the requirement, and also data on the User.

8.4. Within 15 (fifteen) working days from the moment of obtaining the Agreement of the message specified in point 8.2 provided that this message corresponds to provisions of point 8.3 of the Agreement, the Party which has received it, is obliged to direct the answer to this message.

8.5. In case the answer to the message is not received by the Party which has directed the message, within 17 (seventeen) working days from the date of the direction of the corresponding message or if the Parties do not come to the agreement on the arisen claims and/or disagreements, dispute is subject to settlement in a judicial order according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Requisites of the Performer:


Legal address of the organization


INN 500117303071

PSRN 317505300018314

Settlement account 40802810800000107290


Legal address of bank

Moscow, 123060, 1 Volokolamsky Drive, 10, p. 1

Correspondent bank account 30101810145250000974

Bank 7710140679 INN

Bank 044525974 BIK